Curbside Brick Mailbox Guidelines

Planning to get or create a curbside brick mailbox? Great! It’ll surely add character to your humble abode. We know it can be overwhelming but don’t get too crazy though with your design plans as there are regulations and guidelines to follow. It’s best to have a careful read first before pursuing your design ideas. If you’ll not comply, most likely you will be asked to destroy it and create a new one (that is compliant with the standards). To avoid the hassle of making a new curbside brick mailbox, why not follow the standards.

Such regulations differ from one country to another. But presumably, they were created to foster safety among the people whose lives are affected by mailboxes; they are the customers (most likely you because you own the mailbox), employees of postal service, pedestrians, and motorists. In this article, we will have a quick review on curbside brick mailbox guidelines for two countries- US and Canada. As for the former (US), important guidelines were set by the United States Postal Service (USPS), while for the latter (Canada), the standards were identified by Canadian Postal Service.

Curbside brick mailbox regulations in the US

1. USPS grants flexibility when it comes to height requirement. All curbside brick mailboxes should have a height of between 41-45 inches from the ground to mailbox bottom. Height regulation is at 42 inches.

2. Front of your mailbox should be at least 6 inches and not more than 8 inches from the back edge of the shoulder or road.

3. Be wary on how postmasters would approach your mailbox. It should be free from any obstructions. Also, it should be located at a convenient area so that postmasters may no longer have to leave their vehicles.

4. If your curbside brick mailbox is placed not on your street home, you should indicate complete street address on it. The texts should be clear.

5. Your mailbox should be located at least 2 feet from curb or side road. This will ensure enough room for the carrier to park her/his vehicle with ease and more importantly, with no traffic jam.

Curbside brick mailbox regulations in Canada

6. Your mailbox should be strong. It should be able to hold weight of packages and letters received.

7. The bricks may already be waterproof, but make sure that other materials can also withstand water.

8. Should you opt for a brick mailbox that is cylindrical in shape, its diameter should be 25 cm and its length be 45 cm.

9. Your mailbox should be elevated 100 cm above ground (at least). It shouldn’t obstruct nor block other mailboxes in the area. Obstructions in this context include water mains and gas/power lines. To achieve an obstruction-free mailbox, help of a professional contractor is highly encouraged, especially during pre-construction.

10. Opening of your mailbox should be at the front. Its door should be sturdy and at the same time, ergonomically easy to close and open.

11. You’re responsible in cleaning your mailbox. Should it collect snow and ice, you have to remove them.

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