See "The Jewel of Beverly/Morgan Park", The Beverly Art Center above. 11100 S. Western Avenue check out their website at for all the info. Enjoy Wednesday, Independent/International Movie Nights, Children and Adult World Class Entertainment, art, dance, ceramics, computer, yoga classes and more..the list goes on and on..check it out then book an event and enjoy dinner at a local independent restaurant. A perfect evening!

Time to Discover Beverly Hills, Morgan Park Chicago!

Time to Discover Beverly Hills,         Morgan Park Chicago!
A beautiful, tree filled, architecturally significant, historic, wonderfully diverse and friendly community!

Where is Beverly, Morgan Park, Chicago?

Beverly Hills, Morgan Park is located as far South and West as you can go and still be in the City of Chicago! Via car, (15-20 min. from Loop to Halsted),exit Exit I57 at Halsted(99th), stay on the frontage road(98th), do not turn on Halsted go to 99th Street and curve to the right. Procede West on 99th through East Beverly to Longwood Drive. You are at the center of Beverly/Morgan Park. You can go left(South) on Longwood to reach "Downtown Beverly" at 10300 and Longwood Drive. Via Metra Train from Downtown at Lasalle Street Station or from Joliet,(31 min. to 103rd), For "Downtown Beverly" exit at 103rd Street Station. Walk East for East Beverly and West for Central and West Beverly. There are shops, cafes etc. at Metra Stops at 95th(North Bev/Central Bev border), 99th(NCentral), 107th(Bev/MP border) and 111th(Morgan Park) Residential Metra stops are 91st(North Beverly) and 115th(Morgan Park.) Via bus travel down Western Avenue and get off anywhere between 9100 and 11500 South.

Monday, November 29, 2010

"The Beverly Irish Mile" or The Bars of Western Avenue in the Beverly Area of Chicago

The Bars of Western Avenue in Beverly Morgan Park or "The Beverly Irish Mile" as I would like to call it or to be historically accurate, "The Death Walk", I am not exactly thrilled with the phrase, "The Death Walk or March" but I believe that one should be historically correct. As far back as I can remember, (and this goes back as far as when The Keys Lounge and the Touch of Green were on Western), this is what they called it if you walked and hit every bar for a beer, traveling on the West side of Western Avenue, (the only side that alcohol is served on), from 9900 to 11900 South.

I would like to rename it "The Beverly Irish Mile". Just as when a "bakers dozen" has just one more donut, and just as when an Irishman will tell you, "I'm just gonna stay on for one more pint", the Irish I know are prone to slight under estimation of time and distance, so I believe it is fair to say, that a slightly less than 20 block walk down Western Avenue is a bonefied "Irish Mile". I can hear it now, "Aye it's just a bit of a mile and a few pubs, ya kin make it!"

I don't condone over consumption! But if this is done right at a slow and leisurely pace with a few friends, with food and non-alcoholic beverages in between, I think it could make for a fun day! And in the end you can say, "I walked The Beverly Irish Mile"

There are 13 bars. I am thinking this is a lucky 13! I did not include restaurant/bars. Only 2 bars serve food and that is secondary to the bar but the food is great! You could start South and go North or vice versa. I believe South to North is the best tactic. You end up in The End Zone, 2nd to last, where there is quite a bit of photographic history about the neighborhood and local athletes on display and then last but not least you end in Wrong's Tap. A classic, old style, bar which will conclude your tour of Western Avenue bars.

If you plan to attempt "The Beverly Irish Mile", I encourage you to start early and eat along the way. They have excellent bar food at Cullinan's Stadium Club and Sean's Rhino Bar, as well as at many wonderful restaurants in between, (Ken's, Franconello's and Fox's). Consider having something other than beer or alcohol and of course, you WALK IT, and don't drink and drive. Have a designated driver or pick up person at the end.

Below is the list.
All on the West side of South Western Avenue:

11848 Chandler's
11610 Cullinan’s Stadium Club - Great bar food
11136 McNally’s
11064 O’Rourke’s Office
10934 O’Briens Pub
10910 Mrs. O’Leary’s Dubliner
10638 Dingers Sports Bar
10618 Keegan’s Irish Pub
10616 Cork & Kerry Irish Pub & Garden
10350 Brubaker’s (The Bake)
10330 Sean’s Rhino Bar-Great bar food
10036 The End Zone
10014 WRONGS Tap

Enjoy the craic, good luck, good luck!

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