See "The Jewel of Beverly/Morgan Park", The Beverly Art Center above. 11100 S. Western Avenue check out their website at for all the info. Enjoy Wednesday, Independent/International Movie Nights, Children and Adult World Class Entertainment, art, dance, ceramics, computer, yoga classes and more..the list goes on and on..check it out then book an event and enjoy dinner at a local independent restaurant. A perfect evening!

Time to Discover Beverly Hills, Morgan Park Chicago!

Time to Discover Beverly Hills,         Morgan Park Chicago!
A beautiful, tree filled, architecturally significant, historic, wonderfully diverse and friendly community!

Where is Beverly, Morgan Park, Chicago?

Beverly Hills, Morgan Park is located as far South and West as you can go and still be in the City of Chicago! Via car, (15-20 min. from Loop to Halsted),exit Exit I57 at Halsted(99th), stay on the frontage road(98th), do not turn on Halsted go to 99th Street and curve to the right. Procede West on 99th through East Beverly to Longwood Drive. You are at the center of Beverly/Morgan Park. You can go left(South) on Longwood to reach "Downtown Beverly" at 10300 and Longwood Drive. Via Metra Train from Downtown at Lasalle Street Station or from Joliet,(31 min. to 103rd), For "Downtown Beverly" exit at 103rd Street Station. Walk East for East Beverly and West for Central and West Beverly. There are shops, cafes etc. at Metra Stops at 95th(North Bev/Central Bev border), 99th(NCentral), 107th(Bev/MP border) and 111th(Morgan Park) Residential Metra stops are 91st(North Beverly) and 115th(Morgan Park.) Via bus travel down Western Avenue and get off anywhere between 9100 and 11500 South.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Calabria Italian Deli and Cafe

UPDATE!!! CHECK OUT CALABRIAS NEW LOOK! The dining area is getting cozier everyday. After the window renovation they are now sprucing up the place. New warmer paint on the walls, new table arrangement and soon new flooring that will make the place look and feel more like a cafe, deli and Italian specialty food shop! Now the atmosphere will be as good as the food! Graci Pasquale! You done good! Check it out soon! P.S. My all time favorite is the eggplant parmesan sandwich, love it!

I always enjoy going to Calabria at 1905 W. 103rd but unfortunately it's like going to Target, you always buy more things than you intend to. Everything looks & smells sooooo good! I stopped by the other day for pizza set ups. I bought the mini-pizza set ups & of course could not leave with out a container of fresh grated Romano cheese, some lovely baked deli ham and a jar of giardiniera,(spicy chopped up Italian vegetables in oil that are great on any kind of sandwich). The pizza set ups were fun, I prepared them at home with my daughter, she has fun making up her own mini-pizza. I was thinking this would be a great idea for a child's B-day party or even girls night out, at home. The pizza sauce was sweet & the sausage was delicious and they provided plenty of cheese for the top. 15 min in the oven at 350 & Wa La! Pizza time! We are so lucky to have a great Italian Deli right in the heart of Beverly. My Italian relatives from Sicily & Calabria would be pleased!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Giuseppe's Trattoria Italiana on Olde Western Avenue in Blue Island

Dining at Giuseppe's Trattoria at 13351 S. Olde Western Ave,(between Broadway & Des Plaines St) in Blue Island, Illinois is like eating in your Italian, Aunts kitchen and enjoying the finest, original italian food you can imagine. There is a reason why! The owners are from Naples, Italy and the recipes are from their Aunt that still helps out, there in the restaurant.

They are very accomodating at Giuseppe's. If you ask for it and they have the ingredients then they will make it. We were in the mood for mussels in white wine garlic sauce which was not on the appetizer menu and they said no problem and soon enough they arrived surrounded by lovely pieces of garlic bread to sopp up the delicious garlicky sauce! We also enjoyed thick layers of lasagna, homemade gnnochi in a pesto creme sauce,classic and creamy fettucini alfredo and eggplant parmesan.

Finally for desert we could not leave with out sharing a gigantic piece of delicious and creamy tiramisu. Layers of lady fingers, marscapone cheese, chocolate and cream. It was a delicious dinner in a lovely, comfy atmosphere. Full service bar with beer, wine and liquor. We enjoyed delicious wine and Peroni Beer from Italy with our dinner. I look forward to returning again and again! Call for more info.(708) 388-8900

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Saturday Morning Well "Spent" in Beverly

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning in Beverly and Morgan Park is to hit the local garage sales! First, you peruse the Beverly Review, the news "bible" of the area. You organize your morning by quality of items for sale and addresses working your way North to South and East to West. Then you go out and shop till you drop! You can find some very practical and unique items at the sales while enjoying the scenery walking from house to house. When you get warm there is usually a neighborhood child selling lemonade to quench your thirst. My favorite items are old VHS tapes that I can pick up for $1 or less and leave at the cottage in Michigan for guests to enjoy. My daughter spotted some Barbie clothes and accessories, her favorite was the Barbie lap top! She also picked up a Spice Girl, Scary Spice Barbie doll, brand new, in it's original box for $1. (She bargained them down from $4, they thought it was the smile, but I have her well trained, from my Scottish born, retired Chicago fireman and flea market expert father to the saleswoman in me, it's in her blood!)The best deal this week was the rickshaw pictured above! I walked right past it because #1 my husband would kill me if I brought home a rickshaw and stuck it in the garage & #2 I just thought it would be too much. I was a fool! My friend above picked it up and a little rider for $20! Just another one that got away! That's the fun of the sales. Go early, buy on impulse, he who hesitates is lost!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fresh Roasted Coffee on Premise at The Beverly Bakery & Cafe!

UPDATE! The Bevery Bakery is now ROASTING COFFEE! It is the only coffee roastery south of Bridgeport. Stop in and watch them roast! Pick up a pound, or mix up a custom pound and bring it home. There is so much to enjoy at the Beverly Bakery & Cafe at 10528 S. Western. Stop in sometime and relax in the cafe. Enjoy a delicious cup of fresh roasted coffee while agonizing over your choice of "fresh out of the oven", breads and scones, pastries, cookies, donuts and more.. If your feeling sensible enjoy a lovely and fresh breakfast or lunch first, prepared with their fresh baked breads. You can then decide which specialty cake to order for your next party or event. Your hosts and local residents Jim and Jean Marie Quigley will be happy to indulge all of your edible desires. Stop in or make it a meeting place with your friends. Find out about their special events and rotating art exhibits. You will make this cafe a regular stop in your daily plan! Call 773-238-5580 for hours.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beverly and Morgan Park the Best Real Estate Investment Around!

Existing residents of Beverly and Morgan Park have always known and new residents are finding out that investing in your home here is not as risky as one would think. Even in this financial climate you could drive around our beautiful neighborhood and see homeowners involved in significant home improvement projects ranging from a few "tear downs",(the complete demolition of a home with a new home built on that site), to gut remodels, additions and major renovations. Beverly/Morgan Park residents are confident that the investment they are making will pay off short term in the wonderful "urban/suburban" lifestyle that they can enjoy every day here and long term in the value that will be added to their home. A value they are confident will be recouped at some point if needed.

The interesting thing about Beverly/Morgan Park people is that all around it is a safe investment because for the most part once you settle in or discover Beverly and Morgan Park you rarely have the desire to leave! That's the secret to a wonderful, stable housing marketplace!

On one clear day last week, I took a few photos of projects in the area taking place right now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a Wonder if you have never been to Bill Grants Wonderburger!

Bill Grants Wonderburger 11045 S. Kedzie in Mt. Greenwood is a South side tradition, classic or legend. You pick the word, you own the experience. If you have never enjoyed a Wonderburger you just have to check it out, and if it has been a while, you have to stop in again soon just to prove to yourself it is still there and has not changed a bit.

Between the burgers, curly fries, onion rings or what ever you choose you will feel as if you have stepped back in time or landed in Mayberry RFD. Your burger or sandwich comes in a basket and everything else comes on antique melanin plates or bowls. I think they are the same plates and bowls they used when I was a child and walked up to Mt. Greenwood and went to Wonderburger after shopping at the Woolworth's next door,(that has since been torn down).

The food is good and cheap, the waitstaff young and lethargic and the atmosphere is nostalgic and worth every penny! Check it out some time soon before you no longer can!

Monday, November 29, 2010

"The Beverly Irish Mile" or The Bars of Western Avenue in the Beverly Area of Chicago

The Bars of Western Avenue in Beverly Morgan Park or "The Beverly Irish Mile" as I would like to call it or to be historically accurate, "The Death Walk", I am not exactly thrilled with the phrase, "The Death Walk or March" but I believe that one should be historically correct. As far back as I can remember, (and this goes back as far as when The Keys Lounge and the Touch of Green were on Western), this is what they called it if you walked and hit every bar for a beer, traveling on the West side of Western Avenue, (the only side that alcohol is served on), from 9900 to 11900 South.

I would like to rename it "The Beverly Irish Mile". Just as when a "bakers dozen" has just one more donut, and just as when an Irishman will tell you, "I'm just gonna stay on for one more pint", the Irish I know are prone to slight under estimation of time and distance, so I believe it is fair to say, that a slightly less than 20 block walk down Western Avenue is a bonefied "Irish Mile". I can hear it now, "Aye it's just a bit of a mile and a few pubs, ya kin make it!"

I don't condone over consumption! But if this is done right at a slow and leisurely pace with a few friends, with food and non-alcoholic beverages in between, I think it could make for a fun day! And in the end you can say, "I walked The Beverly Irish Mile"

There are 13 bars. I am thinking this is a lucky 13! I did not include restaurant/bars. Only 2 bars serve food and that is secondary to the bar but the food is great! You could start South and go North or vice versa. I believe South to North is the best tactic. You end up in The End Zone, 2nd to last, where there is quite a bit of photographic history about the neighborhood and local athletes on display and then last but not least you end in Wrong's Tap. A classic, old style, bar which will conclude your tour of Western Avenue bars.

If you plan to attempt "The Beverly Irish Mile", I encourage you to start early and eat along the way. They have excellent bar food at Cullinan's Stadium Club and Sean's Rhino Bar, as well as at many wonderful restaurants in between, (Ken's, Franconello's and Fox's). Consider having something other than beer or alcohol and of course, you WALK IT, and don't drink and drive. Have a designated driver or pick up person at the end.

Below is the list.
All on the West side of South Western Avenue:

11848 Chandler's
11610 Cullinan’s Stadium Club - Great bar food
11136 McNally’s
11064 O’Rourke’s Office
10934 O’Briens Pub
10910 Mrs. O’Leary’s Dubliner
10638 Dingers Sports Bar
10618 Keegan’s Irish Pub
10616 Cork & Kerry Irish Pub & Garden
10350 Brubaker’s (The Bake)
10330 Sean’s Rhino Bar-Great bar food
10036 The End Zone
10014 WRONGS Tap

Enjoy the craic, good luck, good luck!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SOX & IIT Metra Stop starting in the spring of 2011!

Congratulations Beverly & Morgan Park you will now have a direct link to U.S Cellular Field, "The Cell" or as true South Siders call it SOX PARK!

Starting in the spring the Metra train which stops at 7 stops within walking distance of all of Beverly & Morgan Park will now pick you up and drop you within a block of SOX PARK!
No more taking the bus down 95th to the "L", yeah! No more driving the "Dan" with all the crazy drivers to and from the game! Yeah! Now it will be safe, cheap and convenient to go to the SOX Game!
By the way, we will also have complete convenient access to
IIT a wonderful institution of higher learning!

Oh, back to the visitors to SOX PARK can take the Metra from downtown, enjoy the game and then proceed on to Beverly & Morgan Park and have a wonderful time in one of our local restaurants or bars! What a novel idea! (See this blog for restaurant and bar suggestions!)

Loyal SOX fans and true South Siders should also make it a point to exit the

Metra Train at 35th Street and travel just two short blocks east and visit

Longtime Beverly residents own this gem of a shop that serves up the most
delicious popcorn and treats imaginable!

Don't forget when you go to the game,to visit Cork and Kerry at The Park, 3258 S. Princeton, 312-842-0769. Owned by our own local boys, Mike Fitz & Dave G. they also own and run Cork & Kerry on Western Avenue.

How ever you "swing it", your in for a great time with the new SOX PARK/Metra Connection!

Have a great summer!

Hearty Cafe and Pancake House lives up to it's name!

I have enjoyed dining several times at the new Hearty Cafe and Pancake House at 9623 S. Western Avenue in Beverly. The name certainly indicated the experience. The menu is endless with on going options and selections of anything you can imagine for breakfast or lunch. The portions are enormous! I have always come away with leftovers and the food is delicious. I love it that they give you an entire bowl of the mini-flavored creamers for your coffee and the hot cocoa is delicious too! I have enjoyed the croissant sandwiches, the pancakes, the grits and many other menu items. I heartily recommend the Hearty Cafe! Just get there before 3pm! They are closed for dinner. (773) 881-1000

Monday, October 25, 2010

"Fat Tommy's in Mt. Greenwood has moved to better serve you!"

If you remember and enjoyed Reds Drive-In or the "old" Janson"s then Fat Tommy's at 3031 W. 111th in Mt Greenwood will give you the same comfortable, local feel with great classic hot dog/burger stand food. Owned by a long time local resident from a large family this owner got his start the good old fashioned way by beginning with a cart serving hot dogs up under a patio umbrella at the local ball parks. Now they have moved from their smaller location in Mt. Greenwood to a larger space with an outdoor patio! The food is great & Fat Tommy's is famous for it's huge pork chop sandwiches that my brother swears by, (he is always calling me on my cell & offering to buy one for me and bring it to me wherever I happen to be). They are also famous for their "ketchup sucks" campaign. They do not believe the stuff belongs on hot dogs!With that friendly dose of attitude they also offer up all of the classics, hot dogs, burgers, beef and chicken sandwiches, barbeque ribs and sandwiches and even salads. They can also cater your next kids party or adult barbeque, they will even bring the hot dog cart! If you haven't been there, GO, if you've gone, GO AGAIN! (773) 233-FATS(3287)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's Get Poppin a Morgan Park Treat since 1995

I am tempted to go to Let's Get Poppin, 11758 S. Western, in Morgan Park, far more often than my figure can afford! I love to treat myself and my daughter, and husband if he is lucky, to treats from this delightful shop. From the moment you enter your knees go weak with the delicious smells and sights.

So much to choose from! Their popcorn is handmade using only the finest ingredients. The popcorn, which is a hybrid mushroom popcorn, is dry popped without oils. They use only real butter, brown sugar and 100% real cheese. It is made one batch at a time and comes in 15 wonderful flavors!From delicious Plain to every version of Cheese and Carmel to such unique delights as Bacon Cheddar, BBQ, Jalapeno/Red Pepper, Sour Cream & Chive, Ranch. Then there are the unique sweet treat versions of Macadamia Nut, Pecan Caramel, Cashew Caramel and Banana Walnut. These popcorn treats are available in a variety of sizes and in gift tins as well. You can shop in the store or order on line.

In addition to popcorn there are delicious baked goods such as thick rich carrot and red velvet cake slices and other delicious pastry items. Enjoy a cool ICEE, ice cream treat or beverage too!

I love this cute little shop and enjoy trying all of the different flavors of popcorn and variety of treats. You will too! Stop in and enjoy!
11758 S. Western Ave (773) 779-6132 Toll Free: (866) 476-7746 M-F 10-8, Sat 10-7 Closed Sunday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beverly, Morgan Park and Neighboring Areas Surviving and Thriving in this Economy!

The residents of Beverly, Morgan Park, Mt Greenwood and some surrounding suburban areas have survived the Real Estate disaster better than they think. The homes above are just a sample of the beautiful homes that we enjoy living within and looking at every single day! In Beverly and Morgan Park we have had strong home sales and even bench mark closings in the last 9 months that have proven that the quality, unique and historic nature of our home stock as well as the strength and support of the people and communities will continue to prevail even in the most difficult times.

Where there have been sporadic, foreclosures or board ups, in our areas, they have not drastically effected the value of the nearby homes for sale. These are the homes that have been well maintained through the years and are priced accordingly. Buyers in this market know the difference. They are willing to pay a little more in a good solid neighborhood, with great schools, parks, neighbors and access to transportation. They know this is still a solid investment. They would rather purchase and live here then get a "great deal" in a transitioning suburb or neighborhood full of foreclosures, not knowing if and or when that "great deal" will ever pay off.

We have also had new business's enter the market and they have found support and success. If that is not enough to convince people that the Beverly and Morgan Park areas and nearby communities such as Mt. Greenwood are here to stay then nothing will!

So, I make these comments in a cautionary way. I suggest that we need to go out and support our local business's even more. We do not want them to go the way of a few retailers that have recently closed...The World Music Company and Beverly Flower Shop - Beverly, The Jungle Gym in West Beverly, Sonoma Cafe and Coffee Shop and Baja Sol Tortilla Grill - Evergreen Park and Corrigan's Bar and Grill in Mt Greenwood, to mention a few. Our hearts go out to the owners and employees that were dependent on these business's for their livelihood. We wish them success in their next endeavor.

I hope I do not have to add more names to this list in the near future. Please spend your money and do ALL OF YOUR SHOPPING and DINING with LOCAL INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS and RESTAURANTS. Let your friends and relatives know about your plan and encourage them to do the same. This fits in with the spirit of the neighborhood and economy, will make everyone involved happy, make the neighborhood more prosperous and the gift or experience will have even more significance.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pete's Fresh Market - NOW OPEN in Evergreen Park, IL

Evergreen Park is celebrating the opening of Pete's Fresh Market a 55,000 square-foot grocery store on the former site of Frank's Nursery and Crafts at the northeast corner of 95th Street and Ridgeway Avenue. Pete's has a reputation for selling the freshest produce, including an extensive selection of organic produce, meats and more at excellant prices. I can not wait to shop in this beautiful new store so close and convenient to the Beverly, Morgan Park Area.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Times are Tough All Around. If You're Going to Shop, Dine and Socialize Please, DO IT LOCAL!!

Because of this blog and my occupation I spend a great deal of time talking to retailers, restauranteurs, and business people. I hear the same thing all the time, "Where are all of the customers?", "If things don't change I don't know if I can make it." My heart goes out to these owners. I get frustrated when I hear about my neighbors and friends taking their dining and shopping dollars outside of the neighborhood or hanging out, shopping, or dining at a NATIONAL CHAIN. Yet these are the same people that will complain when we have no unique restaurants or shops and instead have vacant storefronts. Yes, times are tough and people are tightening the purse strings but we know we still go out to eat periodically and we have to shop for birthday gifts and the necessities of life.

Here are a few suggestions:

The next time you need a pound of coffee instead of going to the super market buy a fresh pound from your favorite local cafe! Beverly Bakery 105th & Western is ROASTING IT'S OWN! It is the only coffee roaster south of Bridgeport! Other options are the Beverly Coffee Shop 111th & Fairfield, Favia 107th at Metra, Blue Moon 103rd at Metra. Beverly's Pantry sells Intelligentsia which is what they serve next door at Cafe 103. All the coffee will be 100% better, fresher, comparably priced and the cafe owner will sincerely appreciate your business.

The next time you plan a girls' night out or dinner with friends, STAY IN THE NEIGHBOROOD! Support the restaurants or they won't be here for us. You're also supporting the waitstaff and employees that live local and need your tips! Relax, have a sip of wine or beer, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you're just a few minutes away from your little darlings yet a world away mentally and having a great dinner and night out at Cafe 103, Koda, Ken's, Richies, Franconellos, Fox's Pub or any of our other fine restaurants.

The next time you need a small gift or unique item check out one of our local retailers. Think outside the box. Many of our local florists, cafes, gourmet shops, etc. will have a unique gift that will surprise you and delight the receiver! Try Gumption Gifts, Beverly's Pantry Gourmet gifts, World Music, Simmerling Gallery all on 103rd at the Metra. Check out Ms. Priss and Blossom Boys, Red Bliss and Lori's Cake Walk Chicago at 99th & the Metra.

Hankering for a bite to eat, want something fresh and lite and inexpensive without all the time and big tip of a sit down restaurant? Try one of the local cafe/coffee shops mentioned above, grab a bite at Calabria Italian Deli Cafe on 103rd at the Metra or dine at the latest entre into the cafe scene with excellant food, Sweet Escapes in Mt. Greenwood at 104th & Kedzie. They have the BEST CORNED BEEF SANDWICH and more.

This week or weekend, instead of going to a movie at a big theatre or trying to think of something to do just check out The Music Station or The Beverly Art Center website and pick something, dang it!

Seriously folks... We are all in this together. Let's help each other and help out our community.

I will say it again, say it loud, SHOP, DINE, SOCIALIZE LOCAL!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Hand Car Wash and Cheap Gas!!

Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night
My how times have changed! I was thrilled to hear about Tuesday, Ladies Day at BROTHERS Hand Car Wash! $3 off! Whoo Hoo! I used to get excited about Ladies Night at a bar, $2 Pitcher Nights at The Stabilizer in West Lafayette, Ind, Wednesday, Ladies Night at The Devil House, Tempe AZ..I digress..

I love BROTHERS Hand Car Wash & Detail Center at 9816 S. Kedzie! Mauricio, the Manager, and his guys do a great job, they are good and quick and leave you sparkling and clean. While you are waiting you are comfy in their waiting room with a TV and bowl of candy,(I guess that's for the kids but I took a dum dum). They are not sexist! MONDAY is MENS DAY and TUESDAY is LADIES DAY $3 off the wash of your choice. I have a small SUV it is normally $15 so I received $3 off, $12 bucks for a hand car wash, what a deal! I am going back for more! This blog post has a lot of innuendos, what else can you do with a car wash! P.S. The gas next store is typically THE CHEAPEST GAS on the South side at Supersonic, don't PASS it up. There we go again with the puns!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Childs Paradise at the Children's Museum in Oak Lawn

The Children's Museum, 9600 E Shore Dr, Oak Lawn, IL 60453-2911 in the new shops in "Downtown Oak Lawn" next to the metra train station is a child's dream come true and an answer to a parents prayers! I recently checked it out with my daughter, her BFF,(best friend for life)and her Mom, my BFF, and we had a great time! We paid the "non-member" fee of $6 per person and it was beyond worth it! The first floor is filled with activities geared for younger children but our girls found plenty to do and enjoy for a while. We then moved upstairs and that's when the fun really began. My friend and I sunk down into a big comfy leather couch and caught up on news and solved the problems of the world while our little angels had the run of the place. They moved from the mini veterinarian office to the grocery store to the dress up theatre and everything in between. We were there for 3 hours and we never even made it over to the arts and crafts area and they barely played in the tree house and camp grounds not to mention the tool and workshop that was still, "under construction" no pun intended. This will definitely become a regular stop in our repertoire of places to go, especially this winter. They also have private party space for birthdays etc.. Go online, call or stop by for more info. What a super place!(708) 423-6709 Children's Museum of Oak Lawn

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Essence of Beverly/Morgan Park and Tony the Knife Guy!

I guess you have figured it out by now, but I LOVE the south side and especially BEVERLY and MORGAN PARK! I love it that I can walk, bike or drive in about a minute to a wonderful local grocery store like County Fair enjoy home cooked meals at Ken's Restaurant, when I don't feel like cooking, or hang out with some authentic Irish folks at Keegans Irish Pub,(that is when I get bored with the authentic Irish dude that I live with!). Never! I can walk with my daughter to a beautiful tree filled park like Crescent Park or any of the other beautiful parks in the area and enjoy an ice cream treat at the Beverly Coffee Shop at 111th and Fairfield just steps from where I grew up. All the while meeting and greeting wonderful friends old and new! Well, I made a new friend the other day. I heard the jingle, jingle of Tony the knife guy and his custom made sharpening cart. He has been traveling around Beverly and Morgan Park for years sharpening residents knives and tools. When I went out to meet him several other neighbors brought their wares out and we had a little impromptu get together while waiting for our things to be sharpened. I had a little chat with Tony and found out he is from the southern area of Italy, "down in the boot", and has been here in this country for many years. I found out he used to bake pastries in Italy when he was young. He told me about one of his specialties and promised me he would bring a sample to me. A few days later he arrived at my door with lovely white pastry box and inside were the delights that he enjoyed making long ago. They were thick, crusted, spiral shaped, horns filled with a creamy, lemony, ricotta cheese mixture, bellisimo! Life is strange and wonderful! Sometimes I just stop and think about how much I enjoy life and all of it's interesting twists and turns and living in Beverly/Morgan Park is a big part of the reason why.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crescent Park in Morgan Park - Remodeled and Beautiful!

Well, they did a lovely job remodeling Crescent Park and I love what they did! You can find Crescent between 107th Place and 108th and from Hoyne to Bell.
They kept the color palette to a minimum and the dark purples and blues blend in nicely with the beautiful trees and foliage in this medium sized park in the middle of a historic residential area. There are unique playground items and it is very accessible and user friendly for small children. Parents can sit and relax on the new benches and have a clear view of their child at all times! The park also has a beautiful new baseball diamond and the two tennis courts are often empty and waiting for the next player. Take advantage of these warm days and squeeze in a visit before it is too late! Then you can still enjoy the park on your brisk walks along the paths in the snow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mt. Greenwood Park - The "Bing Bong" Park!

My daughter and I have nicknames for all of the parks we frequent, I call Hurley Park "Squirelly, she calls it Curley", we call Beverly Park, "The baseball park", (her cousin plays there), Kennedy is Grandma's Park,(it's near Grandma's house), Munroe is "The dog park", Crescent is "the log cabin park",(I hope it retains some of the charm after the remodel!), and Mt. Greenwood Park located at 3721 W 111th St Chicago, IL 60655(312) 747-6564 is the "Bing bong park". It perfectly describes this massive park,(with field house, baseball/softball diamonds, swimming pool, ice rink? and running/bike paths), but the new feature of the park is the playground with so much going on it spins your head!! Musical toys standing 10 feet tall, metal xylophones, several man made hills, bouncy rides, climbing "thing-a-ma-jigs", a water feature they can splash in on hot days(bring a change of clothes or suit!),and of course all the typical swings & slides, pulleys and bars etc...They could not cram one more thing into the space and kids go absolutely bonkers when they are there! Let your child out and into the enclosed area with foamy cushion floor, sit back relax and let them wear themselves out! You will NEVER hear, "Mommy, I'm bored" at this Mega Park!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Historic Chicago Firehouse FOR SALE in Beverly Area, Chicago

There is a fantastic property available for sale in Beverly waiting for it's new creative owner! Be a part of the growing Beverly/Morgan Park Retail Establishment! Contact Dan Klaiber City of Chic. Ofc. of Community Development at 312-744-4470 or Alderman Rugai's Office at 773-238-8766 for details in regard to this unique property. The old Chicago Fire station on 95th Street just past the Metra tracks at Vanderpoel(approximately 1700W)This station would make a wonderful art gallery, art school, specialty market or restaurant,(without alcohol, not zoned).

The firehouse is located steps from the 95th street Metra stop, within a few blocks from new and exciting retail businesses that have recently opened as well as the new Chicago Public Library and New Chicago Fire Station. It is a short drive to the Dan Ryan going east and I294 going west. Call for info. and welcome to Beverly!

RENT A COTTAGE- Freshly remodeled, furnished, weekly rates in SW Michigan, 2 hours from Beverly!

RENT A COTTAGE- Freshly remodeled, furnished, weekly rates in SW Michigan, 2 hours from Beverly!
A world away but close to home! This is the place where SOUTHSIDERS love to vacation! CALL FOR AVAILABLE DATES! Click on the photo above or go to click on MI then Sister Lakes then Cable Cottage for complete info. You don't need to travel far to have a great time! In approx. 2 hours you can be at this lovely 2 bedroom, (sleeps 6), cottage on Cable Lake in Sister Lakes, MI. Steps to the lovely wide, sandy beach with pier and floats you will have a wonderful time! Your favorite spot will be the screened in porch with a view to the lake. Fabulous in the fall with corn maze, pumpkin and fruit picking, tour local wineries, horseback riding and canoeing the list goes on all under gorgeous fall foliage and crisp fresh country air! Email for more details: Book now! Good dates go fast!

Time for an Evening Sunset Swim on Quiet Cable Lake

View of Cable Lake, Another Gorgeous Day!

Steps to the sandy beach and lake. Sleeps 6 adults.

Open Living/Dining Room and Kitchen

This is where you will enjoy your, "morning coffee", as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner and every other moment you can! You will want to spend warm evenings relaxing while overlooking lovely Cable Lake.